Introducing Dane Heart

Coming up with a logo for an individual is difficult. Who wants to be "branded"? After much thought and getting the idea of using something related to my name from my instructor, I came up with the "dane heart" symbol. My thought is that it might help someone remember my last name, Dehnhard, and how to pronounce it.

The other rationale for using Dane Heart is that the illustration reflects the design direction I want to go in: create work that is soothing and/or awakens the soul. The words curiosity, love, energy, strength, determination, and softness come to my mind when looking at Dane Heart. Those are some of the attributes I would like to utilize in my creative endeavors.

Please email me if you would like to learn more about my work or to provide me with some feedback. I know I cannot do my work as effectively without collaborating with others and getting valuable thoughtful perspectives from those I am privileged to come into contact with. Help me make what is possible in this life happen, especially if it soothes and/or awakens the soul!

Need more? Visit my Blog and you can also find @daneheart on Twitter!